Marlowe Legal Advisors' Legal Solutions

Marlowe Legal Advisors, LLC tailors its legal solutions to each client in order to give them the highest value proposition for the legal services we provide.   Focusing on each client's needs and budget, we provide the following legal solutions:

Transaction-based Legal Advice

Marlowe Legal Advisors' corporate and securities legal services are different from what you have come to expect from the typical law firm transactional practice.  While we have the legal expertise and knowledge needed to provide the high-level advice you need, what distinguishes Marlowe Legal Advisors from the typical law firm is two things:

  • Business background:  First, our business background and in-house experience allows us to approach legal issues from a perspective that is different from what most law firm attorneys will provide.  While armed with the legal expertise and knowledge you need, we are able to offer practical solutions to your legal issues that protect your legal interests while allowing you to achieve the business results you seek.  We apply this unique combination to the Practice Areas where we specialize.
  • Alternative Fee Arrangements:  Second, we offer alternative fee arrangements (such as fixed fee pricing and recurring retainers) that give you a set, easily budgeted, cost for each matter.  There are no surprises when the bill arrives and there is no need to be concerned about our lawyers being "on-the-clock."  Even in the cases where hourly arrangements might make sense for your business, the matter will be in the hands of an experienced, high-level, attorney that performs most, if not all, the work in an efficient manner, thus eliminating the layered fees that law firms often charge when multiple attorneys (low level associate, mid-level associate, partner-in-charge, etc.) work on a single matter.

The end result is high quality, business focused, legal advice at a price equivalent to, or less than, what it would cost you to retain a mid-level associate at a large law firm.

On-Demand General Counsel Solutions

Marlowe Legal Advisors' On-Demand General Counsel services consist of supplying our clients high-level, experienced, general counsel on an as-needed basis.  Our On-Demand General Counsel services are a proven, cost-effective, alternative for a business that needs the services of a general counsel but for various reasons cannot make the investment required for a high-quality, full-time, general counsel.  Our On-Demand General Counsel services solves this dilemma by providing you an experienced general counsel who becomes a member of your management team but only for the time needed and at fees you can afford.

Our lawyers are experienced in-house attorneys who have business backgrounds and understand management's need for practical, timely, legal solutions.  We have the background and expertise to quickly understand your business and its legal risks, and then clearly communicate creative problem-solving solutions that save costs and mitigate legal risk while enabling you to focus on your business.

Our On-Demand General Counsel services are perfect for businesses relying heavily on high-priced law firms to handle all their legal work.   While having quality outside counsel is important, they cannot replace the role of an experienced in-house counsel who is uniquely positioned to assess the legal risks related to your business.  Businesses that still require the extensive use of outside counsel will also benefit due to our experience managing outside lawyers (including the world's largest law firms) from an in-house role.  We are able to help control outside legal costs through supervision of matters, monitoring of time and costs, and negotiation of rates.   We are also adept at choosing the right outside counsel for particular issues, which is critical to getting the right advice on legal issues warranting outside expertise and can ultimately reduce legal costs.

Our On-Demand General Counsel services are provided either at the client's office or remotely, but in either case we maintain regular contact with company management.  We provide flexible and creative fee arrangements such as monthly (or even weekly or daily) retainers, fixed fee, and, in certain circumstances, hourly arrangements. Whatever the fee arrangement, fees are a fraction of what it would cost to rely solely on law firms or hire a full-time in-house attorney.

Compliance Solutions

Marlowe Legal Advisors' Outsourced Chief Compliance Officer (CCO) services consists of providing CCO support on an as-needed basis to SEC and state registered investment advisers (including those that primarily manage private funds).  In certain circumstances, the SEC permits outsourcing of compliance functions under the Investment Advisers Act (the "Advisers Act").  Often, smaller investment advisers have neither an experienced person on staff to handle this function, nor the financial resources to hire a dedicated person.  While the Advisers Act requires a named CCO, due to varying factors, many advisers do not need a separate, dedicated, full-time CCO.  Marlowe Legal Advisors has the experience required to help with your compliance needs as our founder, Keith S. Marlowe, Esq., was a registered CCO for an SEC regsitered investment adviser of a private fund and built and implemented its compliance programs.  We understand the requirements of the Advisers Act, including how the newly revised act applies to advisers of private funds (whether or not exempt) and the role of the CCO in such entities.  We can assist you with initial registration (both SEC and state), construct your compliance program (or review an existing program), advise and assist your named CCO, and assist with the implementation and monitoring of your compliance program.

*Alert:  Managers of most private funds (hedge funds, venture capital funds, private equity funds, real estate funds, etc.) now must analyze whether they are required to register as investment advisers.  Most managers that solely manage private funds with capital in excess of $150 million are required register with the SEC as investment advisers under the Advisers Act (subject to limited narrow exceptions).  Advisers that manage traditional accounts plus private funds need to carefully review the new rules to see whether their requirements may have changed.  Advisers not meeting the federal threshold may have to register with one or more state securities commissions.  Contact us today to discuss the implications of these regulations and how Marlowe Legal Advisors can help you analyze your registration requirements and help you with all your comliance needs.

Private Fund Due Diligence

Marlowe Legal Advisors' Private Fund Due Diligence services consists of helping potential investors in private funds (hedge, private equity, venture, and real estate funds) mitigate risk of fraud by conducting operational and compliance due diligence reviews of the investment vehicles and investment managers under consideration for investment.  While investing in private funds involves a high degree of risk, many investors focus solely on strategy, manager, and execution risk and are not properly advised on operational and compliance risks.  Unfortunately, recent high profile frauds have highlighted the need for proper diligence in this area.  Our services consist of a review and on-site visit of the manager's back and middle office operations, review of the compliance program, and discussions with service providers.  We can also assist you with the investment process itself, including review of the offering and subscription documents.

Marlowe Legal Advisors has extensive experience in the private fund area to help you mitigate your risks and get you through the investment process.  Our founder, Keith S. Marlowe, Esq., has worked for private funds for 10 years including in the roles of general counsel, chief operating officer and chief compliance officer.  For a small cost compared to your investment dollars, you can get the proper comfort you need before investing in a private investment vehicle.